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Hockenheim, 5 October, 2003

At the DTM finale held in front of 105,000 spectators at Hockenheim, Audi
driver Mattias Ekström occupied second place and, as a result, finished on
the winners rostrum for the fifth time this year. Last year’s champion Laurent
Aiello fought his way up to fifth place in his Abt Audi TT-R after qualifying in a
lowly fifteenth position. Audi Junior Peter Terting (19) collected the first
points of his short DTM career with eighth place.

The race at a glance

cloudy, cool

105,000 (entire weekend)

Starting positions
1 #5 Ekström
4 #14 Tomczyk
11 #15 Terting
12 #2 Abt
15 #1 Aiello
16 # 6 Wendlinger

#5 Ekström takes the lead
#14 Tomczyk drops down to fifth place

Lap 1
1. #5 Ekström; 5. #14 Tomczyk; 10. #2 Abt; 12. #1 Aiello; 14. #15 Terting; 15.
#6 Wendlinger

Lap 5
#14 Tomczyk is touched by #8 Menu at the hairpin, spins and falls back to
14th position, #1 Aiello overtakes #2 Abt

Lap 7
#2 Abt and #15 Terting make first compulsory pit stop

Lap 8
#5 Ekström comes into the pits as leader for the first fuel stop, is held up as
he pulls away. #6 Wendlinger also in the pits

Lap 9
#5 Ekström drops behind #10 Alesi, #14 Tomczyk enters the pits

Lap 14
2nd #5 Ekström; 7th #1 Aiello; 10. #2 Abt; 11. #15 Terting; 16. #14 Tomczyk;
19. #6 Wendlinger

Lap 18
#1 Aiello now in fifth place after tyre failure of #3 Schneider, 8th #2 Abt, 9th
#15 Terting

Lap 20
#2 Abt makes second compulsory pit stop

Lap 21

#5 Ekström pits

Lap 22
#1 Aiello completes his second pit stop

Lap 23
Second pit stop for #15 Terting and #14 Tomczyk

Lap 32
#15 Terting ousts #2 Abt from ninth place

Lap 35
Drive-Through-Penalty for #6 Wendlinger after collision with #17

Lap 36
#15 Terting climbs up to eighth place

Lap 37
#5 Ekström attacks #10 Alesi, but doesn’t find a way past

2 #5 Ekström; 5 #1 Aiello; 8 #15 Terting; 9 #2 Abt; 13 #14 Tomczyk; 14 #6

First DTM point for Audi Junior Peter Terting
1 Jean Alesi Mercedes 37 laps
2 Mattias Ekström Abt-Audi TT-R + 0.213s
3 Marcel Fässler Mercedes + 4.295s
4 Peter Dumbreck Mercedes + 5.350s
5 Laurent Aiello Abt-Audi TT-R + 7.303s
6 Bernd Schneider Mercedes + 14.566s
7 Timo Scheider Opel + 26.709s
8 Peter Terting Abt-Audi TT-R + 32.935s
9 Christian Abt Abt-Audi TT-R + 34.340s

13 Martin Tomczyk Abt-Audi TT-R + 53.505s
17 Karl Wendlinger Abt-Audi TT-R + 1m 24.829s

2003 DTM Final standings after 10 races

1 Bernd Schneider Mercedes 68
2 Christijan Albers Mercedes 64
3 Marcel Fässler Mercedes 57
4 Mattias Ekström Abt-Audi 46
5 Jean Alesi Mercedes 42
6 Laurent Aiello Abt-Audi 41
7 Peter Dumbreck Opel 31
8 Timo Scheider Opel 12
9 Alain Menu Opel 9
10 Manuel Reuter Opel 5

1 Mercedes-Benz 237
2 Audi 93
3 Opel 60

Frank Biela and Emanuele Pirro competed in an unusual supporting race
held at the DTM finale in Hockenheim. Both Audi works drivers were among
the select starter field chosen to compete in the “Bye, bye Lupo Cup“-Charity
Race, in which numerous ex-DTM drivers raced. Emanuele Pirro fought his
way up to second position from eleventh on the grid, therefore managing to
mount the winners’ rostrum. “The race with the small VW Lupo was great
fun,” said Pirro. “And it was all for a worthy cause.” The race helped to raise
a donation of almost 100,000 Euro for a foundation for homeless children.
Frank Biela was touched by a fellow competitor during the opening stages of
the race; the three-time Le Mans winner brought his battered car home in
ninth place. The race was won by Roland Asch.
Mattias Ekström in the podium
Mattias Ekström in the #5 Abt-Audi TT-R
Peter Terting passes Christian Abt
Audi Junior Martin Tomczyk in the #14 Abt-Audi TT-R
Mattias Ekström in the #5 Abt-Audi TT-R
Audi Junior Peter Terting in the #15 Abt-Audi TT-R
Emanuele Pirro, Peter Terting and Frank Biela (from left)
Laurent Aiello and Peter Terting (right)
Franz Beckenbauer was guest in the Abt-Audi TT-R race taxi
Franz Beckenbauer in the race taxi with Christian Abt
Frank Biela, Peter Terting and Emanuele Pirro (from left)