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Ingolstadt, 9 April, 2003

Five victories, six pole positions, six fastest race laps and, as jewel in the crown, the DTM title – the Abt-Audi TT-R was the most successful car during the 2002 season. Nevertheless, the Audi TT race version with approximately 455 hp was completely reworked for the 2003 DTM. “The basis remained unchanged, but all other details went under the microscope,” explained Albert Deuring, Technical Director at Team Abt Sportsline in Kempten.

The DTM regulations leave the engineers with little room to maneuver. The wheelbase and overhang dimensions are specified as well as the weight and material of many components.

A four-litre V8 power unit with a standard air intake restrictor is compulsory for all competitors. Other components such as the six-speed sequential gearbox, carbon fibre brakes, the tyres and engine electronics are the standard components of exclusive suppliers. This should prevent an expensive development escalation and simultaneously guarantee the best possible chance of equipment parity. Attention to detail counts in the DTM.

However, the modifications made to the Abt-Audi TT-R, now in its fourth generation, are visible at a glance when compared to last year’s model. Newly designed inner wheel arches guaranteed a lower drag coefficient and improved airflow over the biplane rear wing. The exhaust position is a novelty for a DTM car: The tailpipes now exit from the carbon fibre bodywork above the inner rear wheel arches instead of from the side.

Distinct changes were also made under the synthetic skin of the TT-R. The V8 engine, used for the first time last year, was reworked exactly as the oil cooling system and brakes were, as they will be subjected to even more stress than ever before because of the longer race distances (up to 170 kilometres) specified this year. Due to the longer race distance, the race will be more demanding for the drivers. In the TT-R cockpit, in which the driver sits embedded in a carbon fibre monocoque, provision was therefore made for an even better fresh air supply.

Regulation changes dictated several changes made to the TTR. With the introduction of fuel stops, the fuel system also had to be repackaged; the tank inlets are located in the right rear side screen.


Abt-Audi TT-R

Vehicle type 

Class 1 Touring Car


Tubular space frame,

integrated safety concept with crash boxes

front and rear Aerodynamics

aerodynamic modifications to the front and rear

spoiler and side flares,

flat undertray,

rear diffusor,

DTM standard rear wing,

rear deck mounted flap


V8 engine,

front longitudinal,

90 degree cylinder angle,

4 valves per cylinder,

4 OHC, time chain,

2 x 28.0 mm air restrictors,

three-way catalytic converter

Engine management 

Bosch MS 2.9.2 (DTM standard)

Engine lubrication 

Dry sump, Castrol lubricants


3998 cc

Output  about

455 hp (335 kw) at 6800 rpm

Torque  about

510 Nm at 6000 rpm


Rear wheel drive

Clutch  Carbon

fibre clutch


longitudinal transaxle 6-speed racing gearbox,

manufactured by X-trac (DTM standard)


mechanical locking differential


Constant-velocity plunging tripod joint


Rack-and-pinion power steering


Double-wishbone suspension front and rear,

central wheel mounting;

adjustable anti roll bars front and rear,

dampers with adjustable compression and



hydraulic dual-circuit brake system,

six-piston alloy brake calipers front,

four-piston alloy brake calipers, rear,

ventilated carbon fibre brake discs front and rear,


brake balance adjustable by driver


ATS forged magnesium rims,

Front  9 x 18 inches,

Rear  11 x 18 inches

Tyres  Dunlop

Front  240/650 R18,

Rear  280/650 R18 (DTM standard)


4322 mm


1850 mm


1203 mm

Wheel base 

2600 mm

Track  Front 

1615 mm, Rear  1539 mm

Minimum weight 

1080 kgs (including driver)

Fuel tank capacity 

70 litres
The Abt-Audi TT-R of the S line Audi Junior Team
Peter Terting in the S line Audi Junior Team Abt-Audi TT-R
Christian Abt in the Abt-Audi TT-R