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Fosti con me nel pericolo e nella vittoria
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One would imagine that a professional race driver would mostly occupy himself with sportive activities. Indeed, the page about "Fitness" details how Emanuele keeps his body in physical shape. Yet, he still finds time for other varied interests.

Miniature Models

The three-time touring champion patiently assembles model kits of car and plane miniatures. Instead of just purchasing ready-made models, he rather enjoys the tinkering itself. Neatly arranged, the final results are eventually shown in a glass display - one of the few places which are off-limits to his kids.

Frog Mania
Besides his miniature models, his house is decorated with no less than 200 figures of frogs from around the globe, either received as gifts or bought as souvenirs. So if you're looking for the perfect gift - another frog is a sure winner.

Wild Mushrooms

In the fall, the family packs up and heads from their residence in Monaco to the nearby Maritime Alps. Here they take long walks, seeking out and collecting wild mushrooms. After a hectic racing season full of engagements, the tranquility of the woods is a great way to relax.


Almost expected from a race driver, Emanuele is a fan of fine wrist watches. Unlike others in his profession however, his collection is measured in single units.

Underwater Photography

Scuba diving is a great opportunity for Emanuele to combine water sports with his creative side. Usually, he follows his passion of underwater photography in the waters around the Maldives or in Micronesia. His absolute favorite diving spot will forever remain Palau, north of New Guinea - one of the few truely enchanted places on this planet.
Look in the picture gallery for some fine samples of underwater photography

Gray Reef Shark
Vase Sponges
Need a hair cut ?
Emanuele likes to play football a hobby he has in common with Michael Schumacher