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London, 22 February, 2010

I am coming back!

You are right, dear friends. It is legitimate from you guys to think: “What is he doing, first he retires and then he comes back”?
It is true, about 16 months ago I announced my retirement. It seems like yesterday. All the questions, the doubts, the uncertainties I had about what to do and which direction to take. Big decision.  I re-read, carefully, what I wrote at the time and here is how it started: “Laguna Seca  will be my last race with an Audi prototype… Now I have to deal with my “incurable” passion and enthusiasm that wants me to continue racing.” So, I didn’t really say it was my last race, period! Inside I probably knew that it would have been too difficult for me to stop altogether.

I love racing too much and although my new role as a Brand Ambassador for Audi is very interesting and rewarding, it doesn’t fulfill my passion for racing and my love for sportscars.

When I received the call from Drayson Racing, it didn’t take long for me to realize that it was a great opportunity.

I received so much from racing; success, enjoyment, thrill, unforgettable moments. The last 37 years of my life have been just…”a dream”. My shelf is full of trophies, but that is not what I am racing for. I race for the hard-to-describe feelings that you get while trying to drive a race car as close to perfection as possible on the attempt to achieve the best result for you, your team and all the people behind you.
This is what turns me on!
And this is what I’m expecting: to do the best possible job for the given situation. I like to go home after a race with no regrets; besides the result achieved, I want to have no doubts that there was nothing I could have done to make it better. This is for me a great racing week end!
Driving for Drayson Racing will probably be a different dimension of racing for me compared to what I am used to, and I am facing it with a lot of enthusiasm and with an open mind.

The feelings that a prototype can give you are unique. It seems like yesterday when I was driving the final laps in Laguna Seca 2008 of what was going to be my last race in a prototype, I was enjoying every single meter of the race track and in the same time I had tears inside my helmet!

Fortunately I drove most of my career for works teams. Both Team Joest and Champion Racing have been like family for me. A bunch of extremely competent and motivated people trying to do the best possible job. I am expecting the same from Drayson Racing with the difference that there will be less spare parts sitting in their garage and less people in their computer room!

I am really looking forward to racing again in Sebring, Le Mans, Laguna and Petit and to meet again the many fans which have been supporting me so much in the past years.

I would like to thank Audi for giving me the permission to drive for Drayson Racing.

One thing I learnt from life and I want to share it with you is: follow your emotions and your passions. Failure is better than regret!

To visit the official web site of Drayson Racing, please go to

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7/7/2023, 10:59:42 PM cet
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