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Sebring - January 23, 2006

Great media interest at Sebring’s “Winter Test”
  After the spectacular presentation in Paris in December and a brief appearance at the Los Angeles Auto Show at the beginning of January, the Audi R10 is again proving to be a sensation: Since Monday, the new diesel sports car turns its first laps in front of public eyes at the "Winter Test” of the American Le Mans Series (ALMS) at Sebring (Florida). The media interest is correspondingly high: Never before have there been so many journalists, camera teams and photographers attending an American Le Mans Series test. The Audi R10 has even attracted spectators to attend Sebring, the venue for the new Audi sports car’s race debut on 18 March.

First public test for the new Diesel sports car
The development team of Audi Sport runs two Audi R10 prototypes at Sebring. German Frank Biela and Italian Dindo Capello are driving the two cars. While Biela had completed the roll-out of the R10 in November 2005, Capello was at the steering wheel of the new diesel sports car for the first time on Monday.

Three-day test in high temperatures
On Monday, the two Audi drivers completed a total of 86 laps around the 5.955-kilometre circuit that is especially demanding for machinery due to its bumpy surface and is regarded as an ideal test track for a new race car. Furthermore, the newly developed V12 TDI engine faces its first test in high temperatures: While the previous tests in Europe were run in cool weather conditions, temperatures in Florida are reaching about 30 degrees in the shade.

7/7/2023, 10:49:40 PM cet
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Rinaldo Capello at the wheel of the Audi R10
Rinaldo Capello at the wheel of the Audi R10
Rinaldo Capello at the wheel of the Audi R10

Session 5

1. Capello

  1:48.816 (122.408 mph) Audi R10 (LMP1)

2. Dyson/Weaver

1:52.288 (118.624 mph) Lola B06/10-AER (LMP1)

3. Field/Field/Halliday

1:52.676 (118.215 mph) Lola B05/40-AER (LMP2)

4. Biela

1:54.037 (116.804 mph) Audi R10 (LMP1)

5. Dayton/Knoop/Fisken/Wallace

1:57.101 (113.748 mph) Lola EX257-AER (LMP1)

6. Cosmo/Matos

1:57.244 (113.609 mph) Courage C65-Mazda (LMP2)

7. Neiman/Pechnik

2:04.952 (106.601 mph) Porsche 911 GT3 RSR (GT2)

8. van Overbeek/Fogarty

2:05.031 (106.534 mph) Porsche 911 GT3 RSR (GT2)

9. Jeannette/Maxwell

2:05.243 (106.353 mph) Panoz Esperante LMGT (GT2)

10. Tomlinson/Kimber-Smith

2:05.958 (105.750 mph) Panoz Esperante LMGT (GT2)

11. Hand/Marks

2:06.504 (105.293 mph) BMW E46 M3 (GT2)

12. Ehret/Nielsen/Farnbacher

2:07.167 (104.744 22 mph) Porsche GT3 RSR (GT2)

13. Auberlen/Milner

2:08.920 (103.320 mph) BMW E46 M3 (GT2)

14. Maassen/Luhr/Collard

2:18.603 (96.102 mph) Porsche RS Spyder (LMP2)

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